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A few things to update here:

Thing The First: Not that this is really the most important of things unless you like eye candy, but you might want to check out my web site. While the text hasn't changed much recently, I've updated it with a new logo (which I think is way cool) and a picture of the project studio on the Project Studio page (where else?). Graphics and photo courtesy of Annamarie Buchanan, who is available for doing CD art for any project in which you as an artist might be interested (shameless plug, of course).

Thing The Second: A couple of new projects look like they're coming down the pike. One is a singer/songwriter that I will be meeting with later this afternoon (Sunday), while another is a kind of a blues-rock trio for whom I'm going to be doing mixdowns. For that project, I'm starting with one song that has several problem children in it, not the least of which is a harmonica solo in which the player hit the last note too hard, sending the pitch all over the map. Enter pitch correction software, a fade out, and a touch of reverb ;) . If that mix goes well, there are about five others that wait in the wings, as I understand it.

Thing The Third: I'll be going to music business classes, starting in about two weeks, once a week for the next six months. They're being taught by the same school that I went to for music production training. Based on what I know of the content of the coursework, I expect it to be useful stuff.

Thing the Fourth: In case you missed it the first time I posted it, here's the link to the song that I wrote for the video series to be shown in the northern suburbs of Chicago, possibly extending to Chicago itself:

"The Road", by David M. Stowell

Even if you listened to it before, take another listen, as it now has a live drummer on it, playing my Roland V-Drums.

And that's all for now!


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Apr. 12th, 2009 02:46 pm (UTC)
You obviously have a rather skewed notion as to what constitutes Eye Candy™.
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