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Shopping? Shopping!

The last two days of 2008 saw some serious shopping on my part at Guitar Center for the new studio space. I thought some of of it worth sharing with you all.

On the 30th, I brought home a pair of Yamaha HS50M studio monitors. For those who know a bit about monitor history, these monitors are Yamaha's replacement for the discontinued NS-10 monitors, which were (and still are) highly prized for their ability to reflect the sound of consumer sound systems. The saying has been that if you could get a mix to sound good on NS-10s, it wound sound good on anything. Well, the HS50Ms are their replacement in the market, and by every review I've read, they do the same job as well. These will make an excellent second set of monitors to my Event PS/8s.

Yesterday, I brought home several other new toys. In the mic department, I picked up two AKG Perception mics - a 170 small diaphragm and a 420 large diaphragm. These will cover a number of uses - vocals, guitars, and other instruments, and will augment my Røde NT1-A. I also got a Presonus eight channel preamp, and a SansAmp bass direct box, which has frankly made my basses sound better than any other amp emulation or DI method I've tried.

I need to pick up a few more things yet, which will happen in the next few weeks. I need to re-up my Waves plug-ins. And I'm kind of torn about guitar amp emulation right now. I've been testing the current Line 6 Pod Farm product and frankly, I'm not completely impressed. I'm also testing NI's Guitar Rig 3, and while it has fewer amp models, it just sounds better. Both have the disadvantage that under Pro Tools LE, you can't run the effect while recording without dealing with latency unless you go through their hardware interface (an LE issue).

But aside from not being in the new space yet (grumble), I'm pretty close to having what I need for the next version of my studio.

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